About Us: GEICC Executive Team

Debra Howell

Executive Chair (Georgia Power Company)
Email: dewhowel@southernco.com

Suzanne Powell

Member Relations Committee Chair (Electric Cities of Georgia)
Email: spowell@ecoga.org

Angie Farsee

Treasurer (Georgia Transmission Corporation)
Email: angie.farsee@gatrans.com

Jeff Klein

(AGL Resources)
Email: jeff.klein@aglresources.com

Diane McClearen

Career Outreach Committee Chair (Oglethorpe Power Corporation)
Email: diane.mcclearen@opc.com

Debra Howell

Education Policy Committee Chair (Georgia Power Company)
Email: dewhowel@southernco.com

Jenny Williams

Education Policy Co-Chair (Technical College System of Georgia)
Email: jwilliams@tcsg.edu

Steve Jackson

Industrial Construction Committee Co-Chair (MEAG Power)
Email: sjackson@meagpower.org

Steven Grego

Industrial Construction Committee Co-Chair (MEAG Power)
Email: sgrego@meagpower.org

Mary Long

(Oglethorpe Power Corporation)
Email: mary.long@opc.com