Alliances: CEFGA/Skills USA

CEFGA’s CareerExpo/Skills USA Event – A Hands-on Approach to Connecting Talent with Industry.

While your typical career fair may consist of handouts and trinkets, at CEFGA’s annual CareerExpo event, that is a not the major draw for the students.  This is an event where students can see and in some cases, experience first hand the types of jobs that are available in the construction industry.

In the middle of the CareerExpo activities, there are also students participating in the Skills USA competitions. There are nearly 30 competitions which range painting to plumbing to architectural design.

Since 2008, GEICC has been involved with the CareerExpo as an outreach to our future workforce. The intent is to get them excited about a career in energy or energy related construction. GEICC Member companies from the electric utility sector, industrial construction and education collaborate to provide students from across the state of Georgia with opportunities to see first hand what types of jobs are available within the electric utility and industrial construction industries.

CEFGA partners with construction companies, trade associations, the Technical College System of Georgia, and the Georgia Department of Education to support training programs and encourage students to pursue careers in construction.


We are committed to building a talent pipeline for the construction industry.


We seek to raise the profile of the construction industry and position careers in construction as a top choice for any student pursuing a well-paid, exciting and rewarding professional life.

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